heroku exec!

A few months back on my “another round of jruby goodness” post I wrote about a heroku buildpack that, combined with a reverse proxy like ngrok would allow connecting to a heroku node, and that could even be used to open up Java VisualVM and connect to it, live.

This week I was pleasantly surprised to see heroku introduce this functionality out of the box with the heroku exec add-on.

After setting up the add-on, opening up VisualVM on a dyno for monitoring a JRuby or Java application is now as simple as

$ heroku java:visualvm --dyno web.1

A big 👍 to heroku for this feature!

deploying jruby elsewhere

If heroku isn’t your thing, my colleague Daniel Gomes has also been experimenting and writing about deploying a JRuby web application on the cloud using Packer and Terraform.

An interesting read!