Yesterday while reading through the twitters, I came upon a reference to a markup format called AsciiDoc which I had never heard about before.

I started reading about both AsciiDoc and the AsciiDoctor tool and they completely blew my mind, so I immediately decided that I had to write a blog post about it --- Using AsciiDoc, of course!

Awesome AsciiDoc+AsciiDoctor features

So if you already are comfortable with Markdown, why should you care?

Here are some of the features that really impressed me:

  • Generating a table of contents: A table of contents can be automatically generated based on your document structure. You can control where a ToC is placed, how many subsection levels to include, and even its title.

Using AsciiDoc

AsciiDoc documents use the file extension .adoc. Most text editors already ship with or have third-party plugins to perform syntax highlighting.

But yeah, so there’s lots of fancy features, but Markdown is already everywhere…​ isn’t it?

The best news is that AsciiDoc is the most widely-supported format you’ve never heard about:

Go forth and explore!

I hope I was able to share some of my enthusiasm about AsciiDoc with you!

If you want to learn more, I suggest starting with:

1. This is an example footnote!